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My professional life I am a teachers aide. I have always had an interest in writing for many years, just never knew where to start, until now!
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Mother’s Day, a holiday that falls on the second Sunday in May. A day celebrated Nationwide as a day to honor the hard work Mom’s do day in and day out. Indeed, it is hard. Mom’s have so many role’s. The driver, the cook, the cleaner, the caretaker, the list goes on. So it make’s sense that we should take one day out of the year to celebrate mothers. The common celebration on Mother’s Day seems to be showering a mother with beautiful flowers or a plant, taking a mother out to breakfast or brunch, and/or lavishing her with a…

A black girls memoir of self image & not being accepted

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Apparently I was around six or seven years old when I immediately replied, “well didn’t I come out of your stomach?!” I had overheard a conversation going on regarding my mom being a mother and us kids being adopted. Five of us were adopted by my parents, most as small infants. My parents have two surviving kids currently. My dad has been deceased since 2001.

“That was the scariest/most beautiful” thing, was my sister’s response just only a less than a year ago, when having a conversation regarding racial…

The Easy Natural Cleanse Where Your Diet Stays The Same

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Our society seems to be more & more eager to find that quick weight loss trick that involves little work, but reaps many benefits. The word “detox” and “cleanse” these days seem scary to hear, because all these different methods that are a trend or a “fad” seem pretty drastic. Indeed they are. Cleanses like the “lemonade cleanse”, only drinking lemonade for a minimum of 2 weeks, and nothing else! “Celery juice and apple cider vinegar cleanse, yes they get this crazy! …

Women’s health still is not taken serious, but woman already knew that

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(Disclaimer: This article is in no way convincing you to steer in one direction regarding the COVID vaccine. And is not biased towards anything regarding COVID, the aim is to relate to Women’s health.)

On April 13th the CDC and FDA recommended putting a pause on administering the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, due to patients forming blood clots after receiving the vaccine. It was reported there were six cases of women aged 18 to 48, one in critical condition, and the other unfortunately, had died. 6.8 million doses had been administered at this point. Clearly this is very tragic…

A single woman living her best life!

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Loneliness is one of the top ten fears in life humans have. Followed by fear of spiders, needles, and death. I feel this subject has always been more fearful for Woman than for men. I also think Western society still plays a major role on a woman’s relationship status i.e. single, divorced, married. At my age of 32, and having just completed an amazing international solo trip, as well as dealing with isolating times of COVID, I can still testify being alone without a man, I have not been deprived of happiness! …

A reflection on my international solo trip

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“Your brave”,“wow”, seemed to be the most common response I got from other’s when telling them I was taking a trip to Mexico alone. Of course, along with some “fun”, and “exciting” responses as well. It wasn’t the destination that made people question safety, it was the fact no one else was going with me. Travel I feel is one of those things in life just about all humans no matter walk of life you come from, your background, lifestyle, we can all most likely agree is a rewarding activity that should be a necessity in life. There is so…

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When you hear the word “Mexico” I feel there are a few common things that come to mind. Safety, warm beaches, good authentic Mexican food, and poor. Growing up as an American child, and I think many other American adults can agree, that whenever it comes to learning about other cultures and Countries, there is this perception that any non-developed Country is always unsafe, poor, and people do not want to live there or be proud of their heritage. It’s no secret that immigration at the Mexican American border has been very tense, chaotic, and overall a disaster, more than…

Kayla Schregardus

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